Stephen Gianotti

The Quarterly State of Arcadia Electrical Company

Resiliency in a time of Uncertainty
As I reflect over the last quarter, I begin this message by saying that you and your families’ health and safety has become our priority as we navigate through these unexpected challenges together. While the notion of a global pandemic seemed inconceivable, the reality is that COVID-19 has not only changed everything in our daily routines but has also tested our ability to remain resilient during this time of uncertainty.

The State of Arcadia Electrical
Arcadia Electrical took an active approach to addressing the COVID-19 pandemic through a variety of communications efforts – both internal and external. We have not only addressed the need early on for a proactive and flexible crisis management, but we have continued to adapt our business as necessary, contingent on science-based information and the needs of our employees and business partners.

Roosevelt Island Library Accessible Tech Installation
Arcadia Electrical is working hard to bring communities together, through making public infrastructure more inclusive. Roosevelt Island Library construction began in 2018 and is ongoing into the next several months, transforming a converted school building into an extension of the New York Public Library branch. The $7.8 million library is fully ADA accessible and features computer workstations, a reading area, a teen area, a children’s room and a multi-use community room for events.

Arcadia Operations
Currently, under the Government’s Executive Orders regarding Essential Construction, Arcadia Electrical has put most of our construction projects on temporary hold until further notice.

Health and Safety
In late February, we circulated a COVID-19 public health advisory to our teams internally, as well as utilized our social media platforms to provide CDC prevention guidelines as a means to educate and reinforce safe behaviors such as proper hand hygiene and social distancing.

Additionally, we have implemented protocols to ensure proper cleaning and sanitizing based on recommendations by government and health agencies. We are taking every precaution to ensure the health and safety of our employees, their families and the surrounding communities.

Moving Forward Together
While this and other challenges continue to test our strength and unity as a company, and a family, Arcadia Electrical is fully committed to protecting and supporting our employees, customers, and communities that we serve. Having begun the new decade with multiple large-scale and ongoing projects, we are confident that we, and the electrical industry as a whole, will not only bounce back but will return even stronger.

As I end this quarter’s message, I leave you with this reminder: We, as New Yorkers, are innately resilient and always forward-thinking. We have survived the unthinkable, from September 11, to Hurricane Sandy, and here we are today- standing together.

As an employer, and as a family, Arcadia Electrical strives to provide the support you need as we face the COVID-19 crisis together.

Remain Safe and Resilient,

Stephen Gianotti, President, Arcadia Electrical Company